Welcome to the ELR

The Electronic Literature Review is a web page dedicated to the diffusion of works electronic literature, the research theories and methods developed in this field and multiple topics from neighbour disciplines that are more or less pertinent with the study of electronic literature.

This project started in 2012, when I was about to finish writing my master thesis about Electronic Literature in Italy

I needed some clarifications and quotes from an author that I had included in my research.

So, I created a blog on WordPress and set up simple rules for the form of the interviews.

The following interviews were all published with these very rules, which are:

  • the interviews are made of five questions;
  • the interviewees are free to choose the length of their answers;
  • the interviewees are free to take all the time they want to drill down and focus on a topic;
  • topics concern the approach to electronic literature, the basic concepts of some works, the current works or projects and the prospective of the development of specific aspects of electronic literature such as archiving of works of electronic literature, the technology of new media and of e-books or the divulgation and acceptance by a more or less wide audience;
  • all interviews are written in the mother tongue of the interviewee or one of choice which is why I rely on the collaboration of friends and acquaintances for the translation and editing of the texts;

Between 2012-2017, I published xy interviews with scholars and authors of electronic literature. I then included 8 interviews that I copied from other blogs in a series that I called #ELRFEAT as I intended to feature interviews from othe web pages.

In 2017-2018, I com_create_guid another series dedicated to enhanced e-books. I interviewed 5 experts in digital publishing from Italy and tagged them with the label #ELRPUB.

At that time, I had no idea that one day I would become a PhD student in digital publishing and a publisher myself.

In 2018, I moved to London to undertake a PhD research study on the aesthetics of ehanced e-books.

Since the creation, the publication, and the storing of these e-books was part of my research, I created a digital-only publishing company.

Click here to visit the web page of EDGE DPUB LTD.

Click here to downlaod the PhD dissertation.

During my study, I learned to code to create e-books in EPUB3 format and web pages.

The ELR web page is the very first web page that I created from scratch.

Only after obtaining the PhD, I started planning new interviews and I did so with a new method.

Contrary to the old blog, the interviews are longer, I introduce the interviewee with a short descritption, ... and the topics include ... and range from ... to ...

It only remains for me to wish you good reading

Daniele GiampĂ 

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